Making Powerful UV Disinfectant Solutions Accessible

SWEMCO, a leader in electronic innovation, product realization and stellar customer experience, is now giving small businesses a safe and affordable opportunity to deploy the same disinfectant power that large enterprises use with PURO™ UV Disinfectant Lighting products.

SWEMCO Headquarters
Moorestown, New Jersey

Our Team of Experts Will Recommend a Solution That is Right for your Business.

Headquartered in Moorestown, New Jersey, SWEMCO’s team of UV Disinfectant Lighting Experts are ready to help small businesses and organizations design a disinfection solution that works best for their space to protect both employees and customers.

SWEMCO’s UV Disinfectant Lighting Experts will first conduct a location- and needs-assessment. Based on that assessment, SWEMCO’s experts will recommend a tailored solution that provides the biggest impact on killing viruses and germs, while considering space constraints, the business situation, safety measures, and affordability.

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Accessible and Affordable

To make it easy for small businesses and organizations to afford the powerful UV Disinfectant Lighting methods that larger organizations deploy, SWEMCO is offering no money down and 0% financing for one year.

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Customer Messaging Assistance

SWEMCO will provide you with customer messaging and marketing signage to tell your customers that your space is disinfected daily with powerful UV Disinfectant Light and is safe to enter.