Powerful Disinfection. Widespread Protection. Affordable Virus & Germ Prevention.

Helo F2 Dual Patented Light Engine

SWEMCO Introduces Accessible and Affordable UV Disinfectant Lighting for Small Businesses.

The Technology That Keeps Operating Rooms Safe is Now Available to Small Business

Used in hospitals, airports, and other large commercial spaces, SWEMCO is providing small businesses with a powerful and safe option to space cleaning and disinfection with PURO UV Disinfectant Lighting.

Powered by Violet Defense®, a patented full-spectrum UV light technology, PURO Disinfectant Lighting provided by SWEMCO is proven to kill 99.9% of pathogens — including the COVID 19 virus, future variants, and “Superbugs” such as MRSA and E. coli.

This revolutionary UV Disinfectant Lighting is flexible, programmable, safe, and affordable.

The Unique and Patented Technology of UV Disinfectant Lighting

SWEMCO provides disinfectant lighting, with a patented pulsed Xenon light technology that sends out a high-intensity beam of full-spectrum UV along with visible light when it flashes.

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Sentry Mobile Tripod

“The UV (disinfectant lighting administered) to our church is a tremendous comfort to the parishioners. Our great volunteers administer the treatments at least twice a week. The delivery and installation of this high-tech device was quick and easy; the usage is flexible for all the meeting areas. The staff of SWEMCO are very professional and trustworthy. I highly recommend SWEMCO UV (Light Disinfection) products.”

Reverend Stanley Krzyston, Pastor
St. Vincent de Paul Church
Yardville, New Jersey

St. Vincent de Paul Church Disinfects with the Sentry Mobile Tripod

UV disinfectant solutions tailor made for you.

SWEMCO’s team of Lighting Experts will help you customize a UV Disinfectant Lighting solution that works best for your facility … and your budget.

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Sentry Mobile Series Products

Sentry Mobile Series

Mobile positioning stops the spread of harmful viruses anywhere in your business space.

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Helo F1 Single Patented Light Engine

Helo Fixture Series

Miniaturized fixtures installed in the ceiling or on a wall cover whole rooms.

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Fully Autonomous Disinfection Robot disinfects high-traffic areas

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SWEMCO Air Products

Air Products

Add Another Layer of Defense With Continuous Air Disinfection in HVAC

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